Almost 70 Israeli high-tech specialists took part in the launch of the Code4Ukraine project to develop technologies free of charge that will help in the reception of refugees from Ukraine.

The project is an initiative of Eli Livshits, head of the Israeli high-tech company Guesty, which employs 50 developers in Ukraine. Eli decided to involve employees of his company and colleagues from other firms, inviting them to use their abilities to make life easier for Ukrainian refugees. The project involves developers from Israel, Berlin, as well as Ukrainian programmers.

Livshits says: “Like many others, I looked at what was happening in Ukraine and was filled with a strong desire to do something. I live in Israel and cannot help Ukrainians right there, on the spot. Then I decided to initiate the development of software applications that will help refugees cope with the many problems that stand in their way.”

The project participants broke into groups, and one of them, Friends In Israel, developed an application that will connect new immigrants and refugees with Israeli families in order to facilitate the integration of newcomers into Israeli society. Among other things, the application will facilitate the integration of refugee children in the educational institutions of the country.

Another group has developed the SAFEWAY platform, which connects Ukrainian women with volunteers from around the world and community organizations in the places they go. The goal is to create a safe environment for women and prevent the cynical exploitation of Ukrainian women.

Other developments of the project participants are designed to alleviate the psychological state of refugees, help them with transport, finding housing and receiving donations. The mobile applications also connect with humanitarian organizations and provide refugees with information about the realization of their rights.

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Израильский хайтек помогает украинцам


Photo: Guesty